Privacy Policy

What kind of personal data are collected and how will they be used?

The service does not collect private user data and does not acquire it in the wrong way.

In order to satisfy the visitors of the Episodes and Series Online visitors, users can create and manage their user account on the site. Data given at registration such as email address, password will never be made available for third party viewing. EpisodeSeries.Online takes care of the safety of your users on the web by using solutions designed to ensure total personal privacy.

The user of the service at any time has the ability to delete the created account using the "Delete Account" button. Created accounts are intended for visual identification on Episodes and Series Online, and are essential when using the basic features of the site.

User Activity

User activity on the site is only available to the public if the user agrees, eg by adding a new opinion or using the option to add new content. The service is not responsible for the content added by users, responds at the time of reporting the problem, eliminating it.

On their servers, does not store any copyrighted material. The service uses and displays material available to the public and does not require users to pay any fees and private data.

The service provides an option to evaluate users browsing the content and subpages. The user places publicly available ratings of content and subpages to the general public through the use of a star rating system. Website users are presented with an average rating of rated content.


EpisodeSeries.Online strives to provide the highest level of user safety and uses only the best methods to increase the privacy of your data. The service uses a secure internet network providing users with 99.9% availability.